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Knowledge databases resulting from projects

Knowledge economy databases, tools and indicators

Project Acronym Database description
ACRE Accommodating creative knowledge: competitiveness of European metropolitan regions within the enlarged Union
EFIGE European firms in a global economy: Internal policies for external competitiveness
EUKLEMS2003 Productivity in the European Union: A comparative approach
EURODITE Regional trajectories to the knowledge economy: a dynamic model
FINESS Financial systems, efficiency and stimulation of sustainable growth
INGINEUS Impact of networks, globalisation, and their interaction with EU strategies
KEI Knowledge economy indicators: Development of innovative and reliable indicator systems
KEINS Knowledge-based entrepreneurship: innovation, networks and systems
MICRO-DYN The competitiveness of firms, regions and industries in the knowledge-based economy: What room for job-rich growth in Europe
MMECC Mainstreaming methodology for estimating the costs of crime
MONFISPOL Modelling and implementation of optimal fiscal and monetary policy algorithms in multi-country econometric models
PIQUE Privatisation of pubic services and the impact on quality, employment and productivity
PRIME Policies for research and innovation in the move towards the European research area
UPP Understanding privatisation policy: political economy and welfare effects
U-KNOW Understanding the relationship between knowledge and competitiveness in the enlarging European Union
VICO Financing entrepreneurial ventures in Europe : impact on innovation, employment growth and competitiveness
WIOD World input-output database: Construction and applications