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Policy Briefs 2012

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EUNAMUS - European national museums: identity politics, the uses of the past and the European citizen (December 2012) ( 455KB)
WWWforEurope - Welfare, wealth and work for Europe (December 2012) ( 434KB)
CLICO - Climate change, hydro-conflicts and human security (November 2012) ( 1.83MB)
SPREAD - Social platform on sustainable lifestyles (November 2012) ( 1.59MB)
GUSTO - Meeting the challenges of economic uncertainty and sustainability through employment, industrial relations, social and environmental policies in European countries (October 2012) ( 191KB)
WWWforEurope - Welfare, wealth and work for Europe (September 2012) ( 507KB)

Reconciling the short and the long run: governance reforms to solve the crisis and beyond
SOM - Support and Opposition to Migration Policy Brief on "De-Politicization" (September 2012) ( 184KB)

Policy implications of Support and Opposition to Migration (SOM), a collaborative EU-funded research project involving seven institutions
EuNaMus - European National Museums: identity politics, the uses of the past and the European citizen (September 2012)
( 397KB)
MEDIADEM - European Media Policies Revisited: Valuing and Reclaiming Free and Independent Media in Contemporary Democratic Systems (September 2012) ( 287KB)

Policy implications of MEDIADEM, an EU-funded research project investigating media policies in 14 countries for media freedom and independence
FIDUCIA - New European crimes and trust-based policy (August 2012) ( 542KB)
SOM - Support and Opposition to Migration Policy Brief on "De-Politicization" (July 2012)

How Do Non-Muslim Actors Talk about Muslim Immigrants?
WorkAble - Making Capabilities Work (July 2012) ( 523KB)

Young Europeans' transitions from education to the labour market - Implications for youth, education and labour market policies
WorkAble - Making Capabilities Work (July 2012) ( 549KB)

New ways to tackle young Europeans' transitions from education to the labour market - Experiences, findings and policy implications
from nine countries
POLINARES - Critical raw materials: Developing long-term strategies (July 2012) ( 117KB)
SOM - Support and Opposition to Migration Policy Brief on "De-Politicization" (June 2012)

Determining the policy conditions conducive to the depoliticization of immigration
CIT-PART - Impact of Citizen Participation on Decision-Making in a Knowledge Intensive Policy Field (June 2012) ( 183KB)

Main results and policy implications of CIT-PART, a research project involving seven partners from European universities and a non-university research institute
POLINARES - The changing oil value chain: Implications for security of supply (June 2012) ( 178KB)

POLINARES is an EU-funded research project exploring global challenges in the competition for natural resources and proposing new approaches to collaborative solutions.
EFIGE - The global operations of European firms (June 2012)
( 3.08MB)
EFIGE - Still standing: how European firms weathered the crisis (June 2012) ( 3.14MB)
SUSTAINCITY - Microsimulation, land use and transportation models for more sustainable cities in Europe: WP2 - State of the art (June 2012) ( 2.30MB)
INDICSER - The importance of educational attainment (May 2012) ( 251KB)
PASHMINA - Paradigm shifts modelling and innovative approaches (May 2012) ( 441KB)

Policy brief on consequences of the paradigm shifts on transport-energy-environment nexus
GILDED - Governance, infrastructure, lifestyle dynamics and energy demand: European post-carbon communities (May 2012)
( 1.62MB)
RELIGARE - Religious Diversity and Secular Models in Europe: Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy (May 2012) ( 141KB)

A comparative legal study addressing religious or belief discrimination in employment and reasonable accommodations for employees' religious or philosophical beliefs or practices.
FLOWS - Impact of local welfare systems on female labour force participation and social cohesion (April 2012) ( 255KB)
EUNAMUS - Agents of Change: How National Museums Shape European Identity (March 2012) ( 398KB)

Policy implications of EUNAMUS, an EU-funded interdisciplinary research project comparing the development of museums in 37 European countries.
INFU - Innovation futures in Europe: A foresight exercise on emerging patterns of innovation. Visions, scenarios and implications for policy and practice (March 2012). ( 372KB)
FINNOV - Financing innovation and growth: reforming a dysfunctional system (February 2012) ( 2.33MB)
PIDOP - Processes influencing democratic ownership and participation (February 2012) ( 341KB)

What do existing survey data tell us about citizen participation?
SPREAD - Emerging visions for future sustainable lifestyles 2050 (February 2012). ( 495KB)

European Social Platform. Developing pathways to more sustainable living.
INGINEUS - Global innovation networks - Evidence & policy challenges (February 2012) ( 222KB)

ELDIA - Policy implications of ELDIA, an EU-funded research project on multilingualism, vehicular languages and linguistic diversity in Europe (February 2012) ( 628KB)