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Policy Briefs 2009

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INNODRIVE - Intangible capital and innovations: drivers of growth and location in the EU (December 2009) ( 1.22MB)
INGINEUS - Impact of networks, globalisation, and their interaction with EU strategies (November 2009) ( 459KB)
EMILIE - A European approach to multicultural citizenship legal political and educational challenges (November 2009) ( 398KB)
GILDED - Governance, infrastructure, lifestyle dynamics and energy demand: European post-carbon communities (October 2009) ( 257KB)
KATARSIS - Tackling Social Exclusion through Social Innovation: Strategy Research Options (October 2009) ( 211KB)
WORKS - Work organisation and restructuring in the knowledge society (September 2009) ( 185KB)
PLATON+ - Strengthening the role that Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) have on the ERA development by reinforcing interactions between SSH and non-SSH research communities (June 2009) ( 240KB)
SOCCOH - Social Capital and Cohesion: Towards a Common Good (June 2009) ( 434KB)
CRIMPREV - Measurement of crime and evaluation of public policies of prevention and security (June 2009) ( 160KB)
SERVPPIN - The contribution of public and private services to European growth and welfare, and the role of public-private innovation networks (April 2009) ( 1.09MB)
INEQ - Inequality: mechanisms, effects and policies (March 2009) ( 1MB)
EMEDIATE - Media and ethics of a European public sphere from the Treaty of Rome to the "War on Terror" (February 2009)
( 890KB)