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Past Events 2009

Date Place Event name
18/11/2009 Brussels,
"Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from education" - INCLUD-ED SSH project first European conference
12/11/2009 Brussels,
Identity and Citizenship in a Supranational Polity
10/11/2009 Brussels,
SHUR policy meeting "Human rights in conflict: the role of civil society"
09/11/2009 Brussels,
Public Debate "Employer's recruitment decisions, labour market disadvantage and active labour market policies"
29/10/2009 Venice,
Mediterranean Info Day on Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities
27/10/2009 Brussels,
Addictions and lifestyles in contemporary European societies
21-23/10/2009 Istanbul,
eChallenges e-2009 Conference
22/10/2009 Brussels,
Which forward-looking activities can support the future development of ERA?
20/10/2009 Brussels,
Info Day "Social Platform on Sustainable Lifestyles"
16/10/2009 Brussels,
Meeting point for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities researchers - Brokerage event
09-10/10/2009 Prague,
Czech Republic
Reconstituting democracy in Europe - RECON mid-term conference
07-09/10/2009 Santiago,
EU-LACC Workshop "Environment: Collective Challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean"
30/09/2009 Brussels,
Public Debate "The Gender Dimension of Job Quality"
24-25/09/2009 Berlin,
EMILIE final conference "Migration and Diversity Challenges in Europe: Theoretical and Policy Responses"
24-25/09/2009 Brussels,
Bridging the research gap in the field of illicit drugs in the EU
24/09/2009 Brussels,
Seminar "The World in 2025 - Conclusions from the European Foresight Expert Group"
09/09/2009 Ljubljana,
JUSTIS project Steering Group meeting "Scientific indicators of confidence in justice: tools for policy assessment"
27-31/07/2009 Tallinn,
EUROSPHERE Summer School in Tallinn
14/07/2009 Brussels,
The Governance and Performance of Research Universities: Evidence from Europe and the US
10/07/2009 Brussels,
CRIME AND CULTURE FP6 project final conference
02-03/07/2009 Berlin,
MICROCON FP6 project workshop and training day
02/07/2009 Paris,
ATLAS SSH FP7 project conference
CIVICWEB SSH FP6 project final conference
26/06/2009 Brussels,
SS-ERC project final conference
23/06/2009 Paris,
PICO FP6 SSH project final workshop
17-19/06/2009 Milton Keynes,UK CRIMPREV FP6 SSH project final conference
18/06/2009 Strasbourg,
JURISTRAS SSH FP6 project final conference
04-06/06/2009 Rome, Italy SHUR, an SSH project financed by the 6th Research Framework Programme, organises its final conference on "Human rights in conflicts: the role of civil society"
05/06/2009 Brussels, Belgium "Turning to the future: a new approach for EU socio-economic and humanities research until 2013"
03-05/06/2009 Krakau,
IDEA project final conference "Mediterranean and Eastern European countries as new immigration destinations in the European Union"
02/06/2009 Brussels,
Proceedings of ERA seminar "How can forward looking activities support the European Research Area?"
26-28/05/2009 Brussels, Belgium SSH session at the large EU conference "Sustainable development - a Challenge for European research"
27/05/2009 Brussels, Belgium EDC 2020 project policy forum
23-25/05/2009 Jerusalem, Israel and Ramallah, Palestine FP7 SSH project organises a seminar on "Just and Durable Peace: The Case of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
18-19/05/2009 Brussels, Belgium CHALLENGE FP6 SSH project final conference "The Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security"
14-15/05/2009 Vienna, Austria KATARSIS FP6 SSH project final conference
12/05/2009 Brussels, Belgium G-FORS FP6 SSH project final conference
11-12/05/2009 Vienna, Austria SOCIAL POLIS FP7 project conference
07-08/05/2009 Prague, Czech Republic Videos and presentations of SSH session at the "Connection 2009" conference
07/05/2009 Brussels, Belgium EUDIMENSIONS project (FP6) organises its final conference on "Local Dimensions of a Wider European Neighbourhood"
23-24/04/2009 Brussels, Belgium HUMSEC project (FP6) organises its final conference and presents a book "Human Security in the Western Balkan Region"
23-24/04/2009 Brussels and KU Leuven Belgium EUROCCUPATIONS FP6 SSH project final conference
27/04/2009 Brussels, Belgium Workshop "Transatlantic convergences and divergences co-organised by DG RTD and RELEX
27-28/04/2009 Athens, Greece CLANDESTINO FP6 SSH project final conference
22/04/2009 Brussels, Belgium EDC 2020 project (FP7) organises a workshop on "European Development Co-operation to 2020"
31/03/2009 Brussels, Belgium RESIST 6th FP project organises a policy seminar on 31/03/2009
23/03/2009 Islamabad, Pakistan EURASIA-Net, an SSH project of the 7th Research Framework Programme held an information session at the European Commission Delegation of Islamabad
17-18/03/2009 Brussels, Belgium CINEFOGO Network of Excellence final conference
05-06/03/2009 Brussels, Belgium UP2Youth project organises its final conference on "Findings from European Youth Research - UP2Youth meets policy makers and youth researchers"
05-06/03/2009 Berlin, Germany FINESS project organises an international conference on "Financial Systems, Efficiency and Stimulation of Sustainable Growth", 5-6/03/2009
02-03/03/2009 Brussels, Belgium KEINS SSH project represented in a conference by DG EAC on "Creativity and Innovation - Best practice from EU Programmes"
18-20/02/2009 Brussels, Belgium NTTS (New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics) conference
18/02/2009 Brussels, Belgium EQUALSOC and LOWER3 projects organise a joint policy conference
17/02/2009 Brussels, Belgium U-KNOW project organises its final conference "Understanding the Relationship between Knowledge and Competitiveness in the Enlarging European Union"
17/02/2009 Brussels, Belgium PIQUE project conference co-organised with the Socialist Group of the European Parliament "Privatisation of public services and the need for regulation"
17/02/2009 Brussels, Belgium DG RTD, BEPA and CEPR jointly organise a policy conference
4/02/2009 Brussels, Belgium UWT project organises its final conference on "The pathways and experiences of undocumented migrants"
28/01/2009 Brussels, Belgium RICAFE final conference
23/01/2009 Brussels, Belgium EPIGOV final conference
21/01/2009 Brussels, Belgium PROKNOW project final conference
15-17/01/2009 Porto, Portugal CRIMPREV project open day