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Past Events 2008

Date Place Event name
16/12/2008 Brussels, Belgium Human rights in European and global perspective: taking stock of human rights research and moving towards a new research agenda
11/12/2008 Brussels, Belgium European Network for Better Regulation (ENBR) final conference
05/12/2008 Milan, Italy International conference MMECC 'Mainstreaming Methodology for the Estimation of the Costs of Crime'
27/11/2008 Brussels, Belgium Dynamic regions in a knowledge-driven global economy: lessons and implications for the EU
27/11/2008 Brussels, Belgium Conference of the 6th FP Research project GO-EUROMED "Making the Most of the Mediterranean Union"
25/11/2008 Brussels, Belgium Employment in Europe 2008
20-22/11/2008 New Delhi and Shimla, India Insights on Euro-Indian workshop
20-21/11/2008 Vienna, Austria Framing the Muslim Headscarf : Policy Debates and Regulations in Europe
20-21/11/2008 Brussels, Belgium Agorada 2008+ - Wake up your regional knowledge assets
17/11/2008 Brussels, Belgium Conference 'Impact of the financial crisis on European research'
13/11/2008 Brussels, Belgium Final seminar of the 6th FP research project CBCED 'Challenges and Prospects of Cross Border Co-operation in the Context of EU Enlargement'
24/10/2007 Brussels Towards a post-carbon society
23/10/2008 Brussels Information Day on 'Social Platform on Research for Families and Family Policies'
17/10/2008 Brussels 'JobMob & FamLives' project final conference
8-9/10/2008 Rome, Italy WORKS final international conference 'Fragmentation? The future of work in Europe in a global economy'
8-9/10/2008 Strasbourg Forum on 'Civic Partnerships for Citizenship and Human Rights Education'
6/10/2008 Brussels World Habitat Day
6/10/2008 Brussels MIRICO project dissemination conference
3/10/2008 Brussels Information Day, FP7 'Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities' (SSH theme)
22-23/09/2008 Paris Social Sciences and Climate Change
22/09/2008 Brussels COMPARE final policy conference
23-24/06/2008 Istanbul Think&Act Conference
17/06/2008 Brussels Conference 'How Does Research Integration Work?'
10/06/2008 Toulouse Conference on 'Knowledge for growth'
02/06/2008 Brussels Kick-off conference of the EDC2020 project
05/03/2008 Brussels Conference 'People and Parliament in the European Union in the context of the 2009 election'