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CONTENT - Issue n 7 | 1st quarter 2007

On 1 October 2006, the European Commission's Directorate General for Research underwent a significant structural reorganisation. Two previously distinct Directorates, one responsible for 'Research on Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities' and the other for 'Science and Society', were merged.

Theme of this issue

How relevant is SSH research to national policies?
An interview with Prof Louise Morley, Professor of Education, Sussex School of Education, University of Sussex, UK underlines the relevance of SSH research to National Policies across the EU.

Triple e-DOSE conference, Poland, 2006
A dose of heritage, culture and education


  • Dr Helene Sjursen Wins Anna Lindh Award
    Dr Helene Sjursen is the winner of the Anna Lindh Award. Named in honour of Anna Lindh, the former Foreign Minister of Sweden, this is the first time the prize is presented for research on EU security policy. Dr Sjursen, a Norwegian researcher, is a vital player in various EU-funded research projects focusing on key policy issues. She is especially noted for her work in the project titled 'Citizenship and Democratic Legitimacy'.

Work in progress

  • Work in Progress provides details on the first FP7 calls that were launched in December 2006 and an update on FP6 calls

  • First FP7 Call launched
    One of the last important steps on the road towards FP7 taken on 21 December 2007, with the final approval of the Work Programme 2007 for the thematic area 8, entitled Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

News from projects

  • CINEFOGO - Events of CINEFOGO Network
  • CRIME AND CULTURE - Crime as a cultural problem
  • LLL 2010 - Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe
  • PLATON - Development of an online SMEs partner search web-tool
  • TRANSITIONS - Gender, Parenthood and the Changing European Workplace
  • WORKS - Work Organisation and Restructuring in the Knowledge Society

Online databases & journals

  • CONNEX - Connecting Excellence on European Governance
  • LREG e-Journal - Living Reviews in European Governance

Future events

    Future Events announces a number of conferences aiming at presenting findings from EU-funded projects on topics such as global markets, integration strategies and citizenship

  • CRIMPREV - February 2007
  • Strategic choices on global sourcing from emerging markets - Do codes of conduct do more harm than good?
    8 February 2007 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Kick-off Conference of the Integrated Project EUROSPHERE
    14 February 2007 - Bergen, Norway
  • AAAS Annual Meeting: Cyber-enabled Social Science Research
    15-19 February 2007 - San Francisco, US
  • Think & Act - Citizenship and Identity
    March 2007 - Rome, Italy
  • Major launch event on european research
    7 March 2006 - Brussels, Belgium
  • GOEUROMED - April 2007 - Amman, Jordan
  • ESSRHA - Challenges of integration for the new accession countries; the case of Bulgaria
    April 2007 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • MOVE - 12-14 April 2007 - Krakow, Poland
  • DIOSCURI - May 2007 -Vienna, Austria

Recent events

  • EP-EUROFOUND seminar - 17 October 2006 - Brussels, Belgium
  • OSIS workshop - 13 September 2006 - Brussels, Belgium
  • THINK & ACT conference - 10-12 January 2007 - Paris, France


  • Security versus Freedom? A Challenge for Europe's Future.
    Thierry Balzac and Sergio Carrera
  • State of the Art Reports - Changing Interests and Identities in European Border Regions: EU Policies, Ethnic Minorities and Socio-Political Transformation in Member States and Accession Countries
  • Conference Proceedings Reports:
    Employees' Resources and Social Rights;
    Proceedings of the International Conference, May 11th 2005

Book review

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: The Innovation Impact
    Bruno Cassiman, University of Navarra and Massimo Colombo, Politecnico di Milano co-edited "Mergers and Acquisitions; The Innovation Impact," a publication that aims to shed light on the complex relationship between M&As and innovation. The book, which includes contributions from a variety of academics, consultants and management practitioners, comes at a very interesting time in terms of European Union innovation policy and also as global regulatory frameworks surrounding M&As are struggling to keep up with the changing globalization trends.

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