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CONTENT - Issue n° 6 - 2nd quarter 2006


Theme of this issue

Humanities and collaborative research? Can they stand together?

An interview with Prof Wolfgang Mackiewicz, member of the EU's High Level Group on Humanities, examines the humanities' contribution to FP7 and explains what the expert group is doing to help bring humanities researchers into the EU research fold.


  • Descartes Prise Proposals
    Descartes Prize awards - Social Sciences and Humanities are on board again

  • The Advisory Group for FP7
    Check out their names and disciplinary background

  • EU research on Demography and Family
    An important number of projects on Family and Demographic Change have been or are currently being funded by our programme.

  • PLATON - "Supporting SME's Long-Term Competitiveness through Socio-Economic Research"
    PLATON is a new, pioneering EU-funded project, which aims to demonstrate the importance that research in Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) can have in the long-term competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The project helps competent SME groupings (e.g. SME associations, Chambers, etc.) and innovative SMEs to participate in EU-funded research projects in the areas of SSH.

  • Change of Domains
    New! The EUROPA and CORDIS servers have both changed their URLS.

Work in progress

  • Project Management Conference - Conference discusses best practices and challenges for EU
  • EU research to contribute to national policy agendas

European Research Area

  • Big - A transatlantic perspective

News from projects

  • UPE - New forecast: population decline likely to be postponed in Europe
  • EQUAPOL - Integrating gender into public policy
  • THESIM - Towards harmonised European statistics on international migration
  • NATAC - The acquisition and loss of nationality in fifteen eu states
  • EMEDIATE - A study of national media debates on europe in the post-war period
  • PIONEUR - Europeans move for love and a better quality of life
  • EPICURUS - Societal and economic effects on quality of life and well-being: preference identification and priority setting in response to changes in labour market status
  • PILOT - Policy and innovation in low-tech
  • ENBR - The european network for better regulation
  • EVIA -Evaluating integrated impact assessment

Books from projects

  • Ireland: Social, Political and Religious
  • International Migration Security
  • Low-Tech innovation in the knowledge economy

Future events

  • OSIS - Origins of Security and Insecurity: the Interplay of Housing, final conference with CECODHAS (the European liaison committee for social housing)
  • Global Financial and Monetary Governance, the EU, and Emerging Market Economies, organised by GARNET Network for Excellence for Global governance, Regionalisation and Regulation, Amsterdam, 27-29 September 2006.
  • Sustainability Strategy Network, SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY project final conference, Brussels, 20-21 September 2006.

Recent events

  • ENVIPOLCON - Environmental Governance in Europe -The impact of international institutions and trade on policy convergence
  • EURODITE - Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy
  • COMPRESS - Competitive Pressure and its Social Consequences in EU Member States and Associated countries


  • Project Briefing Papers - European Union-supported research in Social Sciences and Humanities
  • State of the Art Reports - Building Europe with New Citizens? An Inquiry into the Civic Participation of Naturalised Citizens and Foreign Residents; Regions, Minorities and European Policies - An Overview of the State of the Art in Western, Central Eastern and Southeast Europe
  • Final Reports:
    Does Implementation Matter? Informal Administration Practices and shifting Immigrant Strategies in four Member States
    Lifelong Learning, Governance and Active Citizenship in Europe
    Innovation and Employment in European Firms, Microeconometric Evidence
    Changing Population of Europe, UPE project
    Strategies and Polices for Systemic Interaction and Convergence in Europe

Book review

  • Between Sex and Power
    Between Sex and Power is a colossus of a book. Göran Therborn has written a global history of the family between 1900 and 2000. Every continent is included and by crossing academic disciplines he demonstrates how family structures have changed as a result of political, social, economic and cultural pressure. The book's wealth of information is backed up by well-presented statistics.
  • Europe: A Civilian Power? European Union, Global Governance, World Order
    For many people, whether they are European or not, the European Union is a daunting entity. Numerous questions surface about what role the EU plays, what it is, who it helps and what its future holds.

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