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CONTENT - Issue n° 4 - 4th quarter 2005


Theme of this issue

Enhancing the Socio-economic Dimensions of European Research: Challenges and Opportunities

What do we mean by further integrating socio-economic dimensions in other research priorities? In an interview, Manfred Horvat advocates what he describes “as a modern concept of technology”. This means technology that considers the socio-economic dimension as an integral part and not as something that can be added on at the end. “This is not an additional burden but a tool allowing scientists to achieve objectives such as the social acceptance of their innovations, and to meet health and safety criteria as well as other goals such as reducing environmental impact and achieving energy and economic efficiency.”


  • SSH Brussels Conference, Brussels, 12-13 December 2005
  • Outcome from Priority 7 last calls for Proposals
  • Towards FP7
  • Scientific Council of the European Research Council announced

News from EU research projects on SSH

  1. ESS project - European Social Survey to disclose data from Round Two
  2. CSR Platform Project - European platform for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. EURECO project - The Impact of European Integration and Enlargement on Regional Structural Change and Cohesion
  4. EUYOUTH project - Political Participation of Young People in Europe
  5. PILOT Project - Low-Tech as Misnomer: The Role of Non- Research-Intensive Industries in the Knowledge Economy
  6. DOSEI project - Domestic Structures and European Integration. A multi-stage two-level analysis of constitution building in the European Union
  7. RESORE Project - Employees' resources and social rights in Europe

Recent books from projects

  • Welfare State Reform in Southern Europe. Fighting Poverty and Social Exclusion in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal
    Edited by Maurizio Ferrera
    London, Routledge
  • Women, Integration and Prison
    Edited by Marta Cruelslls & Noelia Igareda
    SURTAssociation, Aurea Editores, Barcelona, 2005
  • Integrated policies on gender relations, ageing and migration in Europe, Lessons from the network for Integrated European Population Studies (NIEPS)
    Dragana Avramov and Robert Cliquet,
    CBGS Publicatie, 2005, 1, Antwerpen, 2005
  • Work Changes Gender. Men and Equality in the Transition of Labour Forms
    Ralf Puchert, Marc Gärtner, Stephan Höyng (eds.),
    204pp. Paperback: €19.90, ISBN 3-938094-13-3,Hardcover: €39.90, ISBN 3-938094-14-1
    Leverkusen-Opladen (Germany), Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2005
  • La technologie, un jeu de société. Au-delà du déterminisme technologique et du constructivisme social
    Gérard Valenduc
    Editions Academia Bruylant, collection « Sciences et enjeux », Namur, 2005


Book choice Les nouveaux indicateurs de richesse, Jean Gadrey and Florence Jany-Catrice, La découverte, coll. Repères n°404, Paris, 2005, 128 p., 7.95 €


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