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Future events

Dialogue Workshops anticipated for 2005:

  • Media and conflicts, April 2005
  • Security and democracy, May 2005
  • European social models, October 2005
  • Europe in the world context, December 2005

Further organisational details will be posted in due time on the Citizens' website ( and in future issues of this Newsletter.

Project Final Conferences:

  • Enlargement, Gender and Governance: The civicand political participation and representation of women in EU candidate countries, Conference from EGG project, Brussels, 25 January 2005, Eastman Building, 135 Rue Belliard, Brussels, Belgium
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  • Politics of racial discrimination, Conference from XENOPHOB project, Borschette Centre, Brussels, Belgium, 27 January 2005
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  • Political participation of young people in Europe - EUYOUPART project - invitation to join final project symposium in July 2005
    The main objective of this research project, funded under FP5, is to develop a new instrument for measuring the political participation of young Europeans (15-25 years). EUYOUPART started in 2003 with an interdisciplinary team. The team seeks to identify relevant and valid indicators for young people's involvement in politics. The study is based on the most comprehensive questionnaire on youth political participation, including influencing factors such as socialisation by peers and parents, motivation, religion, knowledge and attitudes about key political areas. It is an eight-country comparative study (Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, UK).
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Other Events

Diverse Dialogues Across Europe: Humanities & Social Sciences Research Forum

Forum Organised by Intercollege ( with the support of the European Commission ( and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (, Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus, 27-28 January 2005
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Recent events

  • International cross-comparisons as a research strategy: what methodologies? Methodological open workshop organised by the project WOMENG - creating cultures of success for women engineers, Kosice, Slovakia, 14 January 2005
    More info
  • Cohesion and Convergence in an enlarged European Union, Workshop sponsored by the European Commission and organised by the Advisory Group on Social Sciences and Humanities and the ERA, Brussels, Belgium, 10 December 2004
    More info
  • PRIME - Policies for research and innovation in the move towards the European Research Area o Network of Excellence First Annual Conference ­University of Manchester, UK, 7-8 January 2005
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  • Advancing knowledge and the knowledge economy, Conference sponsored by the US National Science Foundation, Organisation for Economic Co­operation and Development, Directorate-General for Research, European Commission, Directorate-General for Information Society, European Commission, US Interagency Working Group on IT R&D, and University of Michigan, Washington DC, USA, 10-11 January 2005
    More info
  • Gender Equality Policy in Europe: Making progress
    in difficult times
    , Conference from the project EQUAPOL o Gender-sensitive and women-friendly public policies, Athens, Greece, 25-26 November 2004
    More info
  • The European Union and the public sphere,
    Conference project: "The Transformation of Political Mobilisation and Communication in European Public Spheres' EUROPUB.COM, Brussels, Belgium, 25
    November 2004
    More info
  • Children in communication about migration, Project final conference, Brussels, Belgium, 21 October 2004
    More info
  • TEARI Final Conference - Research, Innovation and Economic Performance - What do we know and whereare we heading? - 8 October 2004, Brussels, Belgium