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CONTENT - Issue n░ 10 | 4th Quarter 2007

Climate change is a reality that is becoming increasingly evident each day. With the growing pace and magnitude of the European Union's involvement in responding to this challenge, the Science, Economy and Society Directorate is making its contribution using the tools of social sciences...

Theme of this issue

  • Climate change
  • Post-Carbon Conference


  • John Peterson interviews European Commission President, 17 July 2007

European Commission President JosÚ Manuel Barroso was asked to reflect on five academic papers in an interview with John Peterson, professor of European politics at the University of Glasgow, and member of the Constructing Europe Network. The papers were selected in an open poll of EU-focused academics, who were asked to nominate the most influential works published in the last 10 years...


  • Peace-com Final conference Interview

Book Review

  • Institutional Interaction in Global Environmental Governance.
  • Innovating the Social Sciences - Towards more usable knowledge for Society

Work in Progress

  • Calls Results

News from projects

  • RICAFE 2: Regional Comparative Advantage and Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship
  • KEINS: Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Networks and Systems
    Work conditions and business
  • RARE : "Rhetoric and Realities: Analysing Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe"
  • RESPONSE: Understanding and Responding to Societal Demands on Corporate Responsibility
    Governance and Citizenship
  • IKINET: International knowledge and innovation networks for European integration, cohesion and enlargement.
  • Governance for Sustainability (G-FORS)
  • Network of Excellence on Sustainable Development in a Diverse World (SUS.DIV).
  • The ESS 'Measuring social and political change in Europe'


  • Past events
  • Projects events
  • Policy related
  • Other events

On-line Databases & Journals

  • European Environmental Toolkit for Citizens.
  • EACEA - Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency.


  • SSH ERA Report
  • SSH Projects synopses

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