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Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe - ACCEPTPLURALISM final conference

[Date: 2013-03-06/07]

This two day conference will discuss findings of ACCEPT Pluralism research project with policy and decision makers at EU level, as well as reflect on ways of combating intolerance and promoting practices of tolerance and/ or acceptance of cultural diversity. More information will be available soon. Read more

GOETE International Conference 'Youth and Educational Disadvantage: The Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe' - 21/03/2013

Three new policy briefs on INDICSER Project are available

[Date: 2013-04-11]

- The importance of educational attainment
- Output and productivity growth in the healthcare sector: a study of four European countries
- Employment protection, productivity, wages and jobs in Europe Read more...

New policy briefs on MYPLACE Project is available

[Date: 2013-02-18]

This FIRST policy brief, February 2013, introduces the Framework 7 Programme MYPLACE research project involving partners in 14 countries, coordinated by the University of Manchester. Two future Briefs, in January 2014 and July 2014 will highlight recommendations. Read more...

New policy briefs on MAFE Project are available

[Date: 2013-02-15]

The Migrations between Africa and Europe (MAFE) Project focuses on all phases of the migration process, encompassing migration, return, routes of transit, economic implications and transnational relationships. Read more...

New policy brief on ASSPRO CEE 2007 Project is available

[Date: 2013-02-14]

Formal and informal out-of-pocket payments for health care services in central and eastern European countries: What are the actual patients' contributions ? Read more...

New policy brief on FLOWS Project is available

[Date: 2013-02-14]

Impact of local welfare systems on female labour force participation and social cohesion Read more...

Research on social innovation: Inventory of projects funded under the EU Research Framework Programmes

[Date: 2013-03-13]

The FP7 Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities Programme has published an updated inventory of social innovation research projects funded under Framework Programmes 5, 6 and 7. Read more

Social Investment Package: Commission urges Member States to focus on growth and social cohesion

[Date: 2013-02-27]

The Commission has adopted an important social initiative, the Social Investment Package (SIP), calling on Member States to prioritise social investment and to modernise their welfare states. It is an important evidence-based document in which also SSH research features quite visibly. In the 9 documents the SIP contains, reference is made to various SSH projects (CSEYHP, ASSPRO, COPE, IMPROVE...) as well as to innovation, health & other research initiatives. Read more

New policy brief on POLINARES Project is available

[Date: 2013-02-11]

Accessing Oil, Gas and Minerals in a Changing World Read more...

New policy brief on EUMAGINE Project is available

[Date: 2013-02-11]

On the role of human rights and democracy perceptions in constructing migration aspirations and decisions towards Europe Read more...

New policy brief on GUSTO Project is available

[Date: 2013-01-25]

The governance of uncertainty and sustainability: tensions and opportunities Read more...

New policy brief on ENGOV Project is available

[Date: 2013-01-23]

Environmental governance of extractive activities in Latin America and the Caribbean: the need to include local communities Read more...

New policy brief on GUSTO Project is available

[Date: 2013-01-17]

Meeting the challenges of economic uncertainty and sustainability through employment, industrial relations, social and environmental policies in European countries Read more...

New policy brief on FIDUCIA Project is available

[Date: 2013-01-17]

New European crimes and trust-based policy

Welfare and Values in Europe: Transitions related to Religion, Minorities and Gender. Eastern Europe: Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Romania

[Date: 2013-01-11]

This book is the third in the series of three from the research project Welfare and Values in Europe: Transitions Related to Religion, Minorities and Gender, WaVE for short. The WaVE-project responded to a call by the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme for research on ‘values and religions in Europe’. Read more...