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FAMILYPLATFORM interactive website goes online encouraging dialogue between stakeholders on family wellbeing across Europe

FAMILYPLATFORM is funded by European Commission's Seventh Research Framework Programme and gathers a consortium of twelve organisations, working together to articulate key research issues and policy questions about the family, for inclusion in the European Social Science and humanities Research Agenda 2012-2013. The platform is coordinated by Technical University Dortmund.

One of the key means of achieving this is involvement of a wide range of stakeholders from scientific, policy and social organisations: "We are convinced that our socio-economic research will be better targeted and have a greater impact on society if its scope and objectives have been identified together with societal, policy and research stakeholders", says the Head of the Socio-Economic Research and Foresight Unit at the European Commission, Pierre Valette. Managed by The Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE), the interactive website is the key point of entry into the project.
Currently hosting a series of reports on the state of family research in Europe, it has been designed to encourage effective dialogue and discussion between stakeholders. "Family is an important subject for most European citizens, but it is also one of the most contentious ones," states the overall coordinator at Technical University Dortmund, Uwe Uhlendorff, "with FAMILYPLATFORM we are taking up the challenge of bringing together different voices and perspectives - and this website enables us to do this. The expertise and input of stakeholders will have a real and lasting impact on future research in Europe".