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PAGANINI - Summary report of the PAGANINI project - Participatory Governance and Institutional Innovation - The New Politics of Life

The PAGANINI project set out to investigate the ways in which participatory practices contribute to problem solving in a number of highly contentious fields of EU governance: areas in which traditional mechanisms of governance can be seen to hamper policymaking, as a result of which institutional experimentation is likely to take place. The policy areas studied in the project - stem cell research, genetic testing, food scandals and food scares, genetically modified food, and nature conservation, belong to a cluster of policy areas that can be understood as relating to the "politics of life". The project was set up on the premise that there is a quality to the politics of life that links it to civic participation, and investigated empirically the ways in which and the extent to which participatory governance in this domain is becoming a component of the European polity.

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