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The EU and Conflict Resolution

Promoting Peace in the Backyard (written by Nathalie Tocci)

How effective is EU foreign policy in resolving conflict? This book provides some insight by analysing the impact of EU relations on the five ethno-political conflicts in Cyprus, Turkey, Serbia-Montenegro, Israel-Palestine, and Georgia. Author Nathalie Tocci makes her assessment based on a comparison of the EU's declared aims with the steps administered in practice. It includes first-hand experience and in depth interviews, accompanied by photographs from conflict hotspots.

Despite its potential, the EU tends to underperform in its capacity to resolve conflict, says Tocci. Although in some instances it has contributed positively, in others it has inadvertently ignited a return to conflict from a stalemate or retrenchment position. In her thought-provoking study, the author concludes that the gap between EU potential and impact in practice lies in the way in which the EU, as a whole, chooses to conduct its contractual relations.

The book is related to the research project SHUR (Human Rights in Conflict: The Role of Civil Society