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RECON Report Series

Is democracy in Europe possible under the conditions of pluralism, diversity, and complexity? The five-year RECON (Reconstituting Democracy in Europe) Integrated Project looks at the challenges affecting modern democracy in Europe by assessing three different models for democratic reconstitution. The Report Series is a collection of relevant published material, including project reports, theses, and presentations originally delivered at conferences and workshops. Three publications have already been produced since the project began in 2007, with more expected throughout the project's lifespan.

RECON Report No 1: Altiero Spinelli - from Ventotene to the European Constitution, edited by Agustín José Menéndez

The first volume in the collection honours the life of Altiero Spinelli (1907-1986), in the year that marks both the centenary of his birth and the launch of the RECON project. An opponent of fascism, Spinelli synthesised classical federalist thinking into a design for European federation. The report includes political texts, including some from his time as a key figure of the European Parliament.

RECON Report No 2: The Interpretative Moment of European Journalism by Hans-Jörg Trenz, Maximilian Conrad and Guri Rosén

Is media coverage to blame for public opposition to European integration? This report analyses political journalism in the realm of EU constitution-making by drawing on actual newspaper commentaries from six European countries.

RECON Report No 3: How to Reconstitute Democracy in Europe?, edited by Erik Oddvar Eriksen

The inception of the RECON project was marked by a two day conference held in Oslo in January 2007. Participants included Erik O. Eriksen, John Erik Fossum, John Dryzek, James Bohman, Hauke Brunkhorst and Rainer Forst. This report assembles the papers and comments from the conference's opening session.