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Indicative Strategic Research Roadmap

As part of the new approach, research under the SSH programme will be following an overall integrated "Indicative Strategic Research Roadmap " covering the period 2011-2013.

The roadmap is based on the objectives and activities defined in the "Cooperation" Specific Programme. For each activity it provides an overview of the topics already covered and projects already funded under FP7. In addition the roadmap contains a more detailed rationale for the challenges and topics envisaged for 2011 as well as an outlook for the upcoming years.

The roadmap will therefore allow for better planning and coordination within the research community. At the same time, it is expected to facilitate support to European Union priority policies by addressing grand challenges for European societies.

Please note however that this Roadmap is purely indicative and subject to change. It is legally non-binding for the European Commission and only serves information purposes.

Changes may for example be introduced due to future stakeholder consultations (e.g. Expert Advisory Group, Programme Committee etc.), changing policy priorities within the European Commission or evolving societal challenges and related research needs.