Cultures and Citizenship

Policy briefs, events and projects related to cultures and citizenship

Culture is at the heart of European integration and the current challenges it faces. On the one hand, crucial European societal challenges of our days like migration, integration, solidarity or the debates on an ever closer European integration are framed in cultural terms. On the other hand, research shows clear evidence of a much higher degree of Europeanisation than generally assumed of every-day culture and life practices of European citizens. This demonstrates that Europe is now part of the cultural life horizon of a significant section of the population, and not just of the elite as is commonly suggested.

The resilience, cohesion and innovative potential of European societies are strongly conditioned by beliefs, languages and identities, as well as by collective representations and constructions of past and present realities and expectations about the future. President Juncker highlighted in his 2015 State of the Union speech that "We are too seldom proud of our European heritage and our European project". Research in the humanities and social sciences is well-placed for making important contributions to creating a new, positive narrative for Europe by studying the emergence of a European public sphere, a European citizenship and a European cultural space of exchange and creativity.

Culture, cultural heritage, and the wider creative sector also have a widely recognised potential for further innovation, growth and job creation, and can reinforce the sense of sharing a common past, a common present and a common European future.


Policy Briefs

AThEME - Advancing the European Multilingual Experience

June 2018  PDF icon 262 KB | March 2018  PDF icon 272 KB


ALACs - Analysis and Enhancement of an Anti-corruption Tool

To Enable Better Informed and Effective Citizens Participation in Europe

September 2013  PDF icon 107 KB


CulturalBase - Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities

July 2017  PDF icon 317 KB | June 2017  PDF icon 342 KB | June 2017  PDF icon 388 KB
June 2017  PDF icon 335 KB


INTERCO-SSH - INTERnational COoperation in the SSH: Comparative Socio-Historical Perspectives and Future Possibilities

April 2017  PDF icon 842 KB | September 2016  PDF icon 846 KB | March 2016  PDF icon 503 KB


MEMOLA - MEditerranean MOntainous LAndscapes: an historical approach to cultural heritage based on traditional agrosystems

December 2016  PDF icon 1.0 MB | November 2015  PDF icon 1.2 MB


MIME - Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe

November 2017  PDF icon 504 KB


RICHES - Renewal, Innovation and Change: Heritage and European Society

The main objective of RICHES is to reduce the distance between people and culture, recalibrating the relationship between heritage professionals and heritage users in order to maximise cultural creativity.

April 2016: PB-1  PDF icon 898 KB , PB-2  PDF icon 1.0 MB , PB-3  PDF icon 732 KB , PB-4  PDF icon 798 KB
March 2016  PDF icon 1.2 MB | June 2015  PDF icon 671 KB | July 2015  PDF icon 873 KB
August 2015  PDF icon 1.0 MB