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New research and old traditions for sustainable rural development.

Farmers and researchers met in seminar titled "Traditional fruit tree grafting in Sicily" organised by the MEMOLA FP7 SSH project, on May 16th, 2015, in Calatafimi Segesta, Sicily, IT.

Giuseppe Bazan, Botanic professor at the University of Palermo, and Giuseppe Di Noto, researcher at Dipartimento Regionale dello Sviluppo Rurale e Territoriale della Sicilia, introduced the seminar by presenting traditional grafting techniques. Senior farmers engaged in dialogue and shared their knowledge with researchers and other farmers who wanted to learn how to reproduce an original cultivar and repair an injured tree, among other practices.

Farmers and gardeners across the globe have traditionally incorporated fruit trees into their landscapes .The trees that were prized for their unique and delicious fruit were propagated through grafting, which is a way of vegetative propagation of a specific variety of fruit tree. This ancient agricultural practice has allowed to shape cultural landscapes through preservation maintenance.

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