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LLLight’in’Europe: Lifelong Learning, Innovation, Growth and Human Capital Tracks in Europe - Final Results Conference

22 September 2015, Residence Palace - International Press Center, Brussels

During the conference main findings from the project’s research efforts on lifelong learning, innovation and human capital will be illustrated and discussed. LLLight has:

- established the skill of Complex Problem Solving (CPS) as a key driver to innovativeness and entrepreneurship;

- established how CPS can be measured in a practical and efficient way;

- developed training methods for developing CPS skills, also for adults and late-career professionals;

- showed that the return to skills is on average 17% in Europe for every level of proficiency achieved;

- created a ranking of skills performance for 200 regions of Europe;

- demonstrated how skills performance can be fostered through strategic HR in companies;

- analyzed the success factors for effective policy formation for lifelong learning public action.




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