Background and explanation of Social Sciences and Humanities in EU research funding programmes

Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

Under Horizon 2020 Social Sciences and Humanities will contribute to strengthen Europe's role in a changing world, creating mechanisms for a smart and sustainable growth, for social, cultural and behavioural transformations in European societies.

SSH will foster social innovation, innovation in the public sector and will contribute to build resilient, inclusive, participatory, open and creative societies in Europe taking into account migration, integration and demographic change and making use of the potential of all generations.

They will tackle Europe's role as a global actor, notably regarding human rights and global justice, the mutual influence and ties between world regions and view from outsider on European cultures.

Research will also address European heritage, memory, identity, integration and cultural interaction and translation, European's countries and regions' history, literature, art, philosophy and religions and contemporary European diversity.

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Social Sciences and Humanities across Horizon 2020

As a cross-cutting issue of broad relevance, Social Sciences and Humanities are fully integrated into each of the general objectives of Horizon 2020. Integrating SSH research across Horizon 2020 is key to enhance industrial leadership and to tackle each of the societal challenges.

SSH research could provide the economic and social analysis necessary for reforming public health systems or food security for instance.

It gives the necessary insights on the cultural and human dimension of European policies in such diverse areas like transport, climate change, energy or agriculture.

SSH analyses the cultural, behavioural, psychological, social and institutional change that transforms Europe and its global environment.

SSH propose new ideas, strategies and governance structures for overcoming the crisis in Europe, innovating the public sector and business models, promoting social innovation and fostering creativity in development of services and product design.

Social Sciences & Humanities on Horizon2020.

Social Sciences and Humanities under the 7th Framework Programme

The European Commission has supported SSH research over the last four consecutive framework programmes, and has sealed this commitment by dedicating a specific theme to these disciplines under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities (SSH) contribute to an in-depth, shared understanding of the complex and interrelated socio-economic challenges facing Europe and the rest of the world.

Social sciences and humanities deal with knowing (data, statistics, indicators), explaining (tools, definitions, methods), understanding (context, causes, mechanisms), forward looking (modelling, foresight, scenarios) and recommending (from knowledge to policy).

Under FP7, priority has been given to research into the following areas:

  • Growth, employment and competitiveness in a knowledge society
  • Combining economic, social and environmental objectives in a European perspective
  • Major trends in society and their implications
  • Europe in the world (covering migration, poverty, crime and conflict)
  • The citizen in the European Union
  • Socio-economic and scientific indicators
  • Foresight activities, such as the future implications of global knowledge, migration and ageing
  • Strategic activities

Information on projects funded through the 7th framework programme is available in here as well as in the list of projects 2007-2013  PDF icon 5.3 MB .