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Innovation in cultural heritage research

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The extraordinary context of this policy paper is the launch of the first European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018. This is a notable attempt to assess the potentials and challenges of a shared European cultural heritage. Research on these complex challenges is to provide evidence and advice towards better education, cultural, social and other policies at European, national and regional levels.


Social Innovation as a Trigger for Transformations

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This Policy Paper examines the role of Social Innovation in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research, especially in those research projects funded under FP6 and 7, as well as Horizon 2020.


Integration of Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020: Participants, budget and disciplines

2nd Monitoring report on SSH

2nd Monitoring report on SSH-flagged projects funded in 2015 under the Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership priorities.

To truly integrate Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020 is essential in order to ensure that the programme delivers on its high ambitions.

Regularly monitoring reports are published to track the development of SSH Integration in the Industrial leadership and Societal challenges pillars of Horizon 2020.


Great Start in Life! - The Best Possible Education in the Early Years

Great Start in Life

Early childhood education and care is key for preventing the transmission of disadvantage across generations, for addressing child poverty and social exclusion, for providing Europe with skilled citizens, able to contribute to growth, innovation, justice, democracy, in line with the Europe 2020.

Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. However, European Union education and child care systems are challenged more and more by reductions in public expenditure and the increasing need to accommodate growing ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity as well as socio-economic inequalities.





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EU Social Platforms: A review on an experiment in collaborative research design
Presenting those FP7 SSH research projects, which took up the task of understanding the (lack of) European growth dynamism and Europe’s readiness to enter into a new and sustainable growth path

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