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Funding opportunities in Challenge 6 Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

During the first two years of Horizon 2020 the European Union will invest some 315 million euros on the Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies challenge.

The Work Programme for 2014-2015 announces the specific areas that will be funded by Horizon 2020:

Overcoming the crisis: new ideas, strategies and governance structures for Europe

In order to respond to the need of better securing EU's financial and economic stability, we aim at supporting research on the reform of the EU economic governance structure. With the objective of tackling higher unemployment rates, the widening of social disparities and rising Euroscepticism and distrust in politics, we will support studies on the social, political, legal and cultural consequences of the crisis.


The young generation in an innovative, inclusive and sustainable Europe

Europe's future prosperity and sustainability largely depends on the ability to take advantage of the potential of all generations. We will support research addressing early job insecurity and labour market exclusion as well as mobility and related impacts and policies. Lifelong learning and better policies for growth and inclusion will be covered. The Societal and political engagement of young people and their perspectives on Europe will also be tackled.


Europe as a global actor

We will fund projects that will reach out to and cooperate with partners for greater stability and prosperity in EU's immediate neighbouring. We will support actions to tackle joint challenges, for instance regarding sustainable development and climate change, with strategic partners. We will support initiatives that will establish durable and constructive relations with other state and non-state players on all continents. Moreover we will support research providing the analysis and insights for the EU to strengthen its role as a global actor.


Reflective societies

The European society needs to critically reflect upon itself and research will contribute to the goal of "Unity in diversity" building a more resilient, innovative and creative Europe. We will fund studies contributing to the understanding of Europe's intellectual basis, it's past, creative capacity, cultural identity and history including the digital expressions of culture and identity. Research will cover also advanced search and modelling and preservation technologies for maximising the value of tangible and intangible heritage and of collections in libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other public institutions.


New forms of innovation

The modernisation of public administrations is one of the priorities of the European policy in order to exit the crisis and create growth and jobs. We will support research exploring the use of ICT as enabler to facilitate the innovation process, as the take-up of new technologies increased connectivity, collaboration and openness. We will promote research at support of business model innovation as well as studies on the economic impact of the Innovation Union. We will promote actions focused on opening up and sharing assets in an open government context - making data, services and processes open - enables collaboration and increases bottom-up, participative forms of service design, production and delivery. Open innovation and engagement of citizens and civil society are also important dimensions of innovative societies that will be covered by research funded under Horizon 2020.



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