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Europe's Regions Shaping the Future - the role of Foresight (conference 2002)

An expert group was formed in 2001 titled "The Potential of Regional Foresight - Mobilising the regional foresight potential for an enlarged European Union - an essential contribution to strengthen the strategic basis of the European Research Area (ERA)". By concluding its works in 2002 it presented a final report, "Thinking, debating and shaping the future: Foresight for Europe", in English ( - 101 KB), French ( - 113 KB) and German ( - 115 KB), that met an attentive audience.

Building on those works, the conference "Europe's Regions Shaping the Future - the Role of Foresight" was held on 24-25 of September 2002 in Brussels, jointly organised by the Center of Technology Assessment of Baden-Württemberg and the European Commission - Research DG. You may now consult and download the background and experts' papers and access the agenda and presentations