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Support to mutual learning between Foresight managers, practitioners, users and stakeholders of policy-making organisations in Europe (FOR-LEARN project)

The second layer of activity deals with mutual learning between Member States and Associated States. An administrative arrangement has been concluded between DG RTD/Directorate K and the JRC/IPTS. The work to be realised is composed by three main elements.

First, a guide for newcomers in Foresight will contribute to the codification, assessment, dissemination of the existing Foresight knowledge and know-how (interactive Foresight guide on the web).

The second element will provide a web-based service to provide support to practitioners that are planning to start a Foresight exercise or are already running one. The queries that will be posted to the web will be analysed once a month.

Finally, the converging needs of Foresight practitioners will emerge from this analysis and they will be tackled in mutual learning workshops. This activity aims at reinforcing the learning cycle among Foresight professionals through the organisation of workshops.

The interviews carried out to establish the content for the interactive Foresight guide and the queries collected by the second activity will allow identifying knowledge gaps and needs. Those will be tackled in workshops designed to share, consolidate and transfer lessons between practitioners, Foresight managers and policy makers. Ten workshops will address practitioners in Member States on Foresight-related issues, at different levels: national, regional, and local but also sectoral one.

The FOR-LEARN web site, now has live "Support to Foresight practitioners" and an "Online Foresight Guide" resulting from the experience of professional Foresight practitioners and intended to support anyone considering designing, running and using a Foresight exercise.