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Blueprints for Foresight Actions in the Regions expert group

To develop their potential, and find their new role in the emerging EU25+ knowledge based economy, regions need to widen their focus and go beyond their own innovation landscape to explore the European and trans-regional dimension to the full. Foresight is a key element in the creation of future oriented and outward looking visions and strategies. Many regions considering implementing foresight exercises need help to overcome initial barriers, such as doubts about the usefulness and usability of foresight, problems linking foresight to existing regional mechanisms, as well as simply lack of knowledge on how to set up and undertake foresight activities. Easy to understand practical blueprints on how to set up a foresight activities to suit specific regional circumstances could be instrumental in supporting regions to implement regional foresight.

The blueprints expert group builds upon the existing Foresight knowledge base developed so far mainly at EU level by involving regional experts and policy makers active in earlier exercises, as well as using already available methodological tools and case studies, e.g., the Country specific Guides to Regional Foresight.

Blueprints are practical guidelines to the setting up and planning of foresight. They are manuals or roadmaps, not foresight exercises in themselves. Blueprints build upon real problems in real regions, with strong stakeholder involvement

The expert group is built around a core group of experts on foresight processes, who steer five working groups with regional partners, chosen because of their capacity to initiate actions and influence policymaking. The working groups are open to outside participation, and the resulting blueprints (one for each working group) are being designed so as to provide useful tools for regions not actively participating in the expert group, but facing the same challenges. The work started in December 2003 and its present stage will end with a dissemination conference in Brussels on September 23, 2004.

The Blueprints exercise is an open process. If you would like to have more information, please contact the core group coach(es) of the working group that is most relevant to you or else one of the persons below.
Chairman: Prof. Liam Downey
Secretary: Prof. Peter Heydebreck
Horizontal GŁnter Clar
aspects: Hugues de Jouvenel

Blueprints for Foresight Actions in the Regions Working groups.

  1. FOR-RIS - foresight in the context of RIS/RITTS (building on their results OR starting in parallel)
  2. UPGRADE - towards more knowledge based regional economies: reconversion of regional production systems in decline
  3. TECHTRANS - trans-regional integration and harmonisation of technology support mechanisms
  4. TRANSVISION - bridging culturally close neighbouring regions separated by national borders
  5. AGRIBLUE - foresight for sustainable territorial development.