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Issue 8, 2nd quarter 2005

Foresighting Europe Newsletter

Forthcoming Foresight event

International Foresight Conference: “Key Technologies for Europe”, 19-20 September 2005, Brussels, Belgium

Preparations are already well underway for an important Commission-hosted conference in September which seeks to chart a course forward for the Key Technologies that will help nourish European economic growth for years to come.

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Shared visions, common research futures


On 6th April 2005, the European Commission issued its proposal for the 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities (2007-2013) - for collaborative research in Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities, see the proposal document Annex I, theme 8, page 31. The Commission’s proposal gives an important role to and opportunities for the social sciences and humanities (SSH), both in terms of budget as well as of the range of actions and types of instruments. One key dimension of collaborative research in SSH is foresight. The Commission proposes to support foresight activities on major science, technology and related socio-economic issues such as the future demographic trends and the globalization of knowledge and evolution of research systems, as well as on future developments in and across major research domains and scientific disciplines.

Brainstorming on the future of Foresight

A Brainstorming Workshop was organized at the end of February this year to discuss the shape of future EU level Foresight activities under FP7.

Regional Foresight in the Structural Funds

Regional Foresight in the Structural Funds’ 2007-2013 Community Strategic Guidelines

In the 5th July 2005 Communication adopted by the Commission and entitled "Cohesion Policy in Support of Growth and Jobs: Community Strategic Guidelines, 2007-2013" the role of regional foresight is recognized as very important.

Berlin Conference - June 2005

Berlin Conference on “Border Regions - Regional Foresight and Innovation Development in Eastern Germany, 20 and 21 June 2005.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) hosted a 250 participant international conference with experts and representatives from Eastern German New Länder as well as other European regions on regional Foresight and innovation. The conference’s theme was to apply foresight for innovative regional development and to embed the regions into the wider Europe. DG RTD’s Directorate K was instrumental in setting up this conference.

EU Common Foreign and Security Policy

A study on the implications of future developments in EU Common Foreign and Security Policy for Research Policy

Five scenarios that illustrate threats as well as the most important key policy issues for the security of the EU until 2015 were presented 30th June 2005 in Brussels by ISIS, a consultancy network specialised in international security studies. The scenarios reflected geo-strategic regional issues, horizontal security trends in the international context, and technological security trends. They hint at prevention activities and spell out the role of science and technology. The workshop will be followed by a synthesis report in August 2005. Colleagues from External Relations DG and from Enterprise DG involved in the evolving security policies gave presentations of their present and prospective activities in the field of security in order to embed the workshop into mainstream policies of the Commission.

Key actors in the European Research Area 2020

The expert group on “Key Actors in the European Research Area 2020”

The proposed mandate for the expert group on “The future of key research actors in the European Research Area” is to make an exploratory prospective analysis (for the long-term e.g. 2020) of the role of various actors in the ERA (such as universities, researchers, civil society, enterprises, governmental bodies at national and regional levels) in knowledge production. This group – which will be future-oriented and multi-disciplinary - will analyse trends and possible future changes (with a horizon to 2020) in the way knowledge is produced by those actors, and the relative role and weight of those actors in knowledge production.

Recent publications

The publications produced by the two High Level Expert Groups on “Foresighting the New Technology Wave” and “Blueprint for foresight actions in the regions” are now available.


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