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The World in 2025

"The World in 2025" first underlines the major future trends: geopolitical transformations in terms of population, economic development, international trade and poverty. Secondly, it identifies the likely tensions: natural resources (food, energy, water and minerals), migrations or urbanisation. Finally, it defines possible transitional pathways: towards a new production and consumption model, towards new rural-urban dynamics, towards a new gender and intergenerational balance. "Rising Asia and socio-ecological transition" is the explicit sub-title that could be an inspiring source for the future strategy of the European Union.


This Expert group on "Forward looking on the long term challenges for the Mediterranean area" aims to identify the main trends, tensions and transitions in the Mediterranean area up to 2030. EuroMed-2030 addresses issues related to demography and macro-economics, water and environment, energy and climate change, education and science, religion, geopolitics and governance.

Global Europe 2030-2050

The objective of this group is to conduct both quantitative and qualitative analyses in terms of well-grounded connections between challenges and visions and options for action on which policies can be built in the years to come. This is to be done through the elaboration and exploration of the main drivers that may affect or impact the world and Europe by 2030/2050, thus integrating the long-term dimension in the policy preparation.