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European Co-operation in Foresight

27 and 28 October 2005, Brussels


Thursday 27 October 2005, p.m

Opening and overview (T. Lennon, Director DG RTD K)
Unit K2 overview of all ongoing Foresight Platform projects (W. Wobbe, Acting Head of Unit K2( - 330 KB)

Session 1: Presentation of 'Platform Foresight Studies'

Monitoring foresight activities in Europe and fostering their European dimension

  • Overall presentation: M. Butter, TNO( - 864 KB)
  • Mapping foresight: M. Keenan, PREST( - 531 KB)
  • Identification of S&T issues: A. Braun, VDI( - 677 KB)
  • Questions - discussion

The future of R&D in services: implications for EU research and innovation policy

  • I. Miles, PREST( - 806 KB)
  • Questions - discussion

Perspectives of national and regional research and innovation systems in an enlarged EU 2015: specialization, complementarity and competition

  • L. Tsipouri, LOGOTECH( - 469 KB)
  • Questions - discussion

Friday 28 October 2005

Emerging science and technology priorities in public research policies of European countries, the US and Japan

The future of research and innovation policies in an enlarged EU: key issues 2015

  • T. Suarez, SOCINTEC( - 1.7 MB)
  • Questions - discussion

EU research and innovation policy and the future of the European Common Foreign and Security Policy - CFSP

Session 2: Exchange of information between national programmes and Commission

  • Progress on the ideas on Foresight in FP 7 (Introduction by T. Lennon, Director DG RTD K)
  • Questions - discussion
  • News from Member States programmes
  • Conclusions