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Conference "Europe's Regions Shaping the Future - the Role of Foresight"
Brussels, 24-25 September 2002

Agenda and presentations

Tuesday, 24/09/2002

9:00 Registration & Welcome coffee
  • Dr. Jean-François Marchipont
    (Director, DG RTD-K)
10:00 Keynote addresses
  • Dr. Achilleas Mitsos, Director General DG RTD
  • Dr. Karl Epple, Permanent Deputy to the Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Questions, discussion

1. Facing the challenges for Europe's regions

Introduction by the chairman of the High Level Expert Group (and moderator)
11:00 Key note speakers on:
  • The challenge of globalisation for Europe's regions
    - Prof. David Wolfe, PROGRIS, Centre for International Studies, Canada
  • Scenarios for regional development in an enlarged EU
    - Prof. Ivan Illes, Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Panel discussion with keynote speakers
12:30 Lunch

2. Mobilising Regional Foresight Potential

(objective: Analysing key issues and setting the scene)
  • Introduction: Overview of regional Foresight exercises and their role for policy making
    - Dr. Michael Keenan, UK
Parallel workshops: Analysing key issues
  • Impacts for Policies
    How can Foresight assist policy makers and stakeholders in enhancing regional development and creating a climate of innovation in all policy fields and parts of society?
    - Main statements: Prof. J. Tait, UK ;
    Prof. P. Stahle, Finland ;
    - Moderator Dr. F. Goux-Baudiment; rapporteur A. Pechmann
  • Contribution to the European Research Area
    How can regional foresight activities benefit from and contribute to a European Research and Innovation Area in an Enlarged EU?
    Main statements:
    Dr. P. Bourgogne, France ( - 161 KB);
    Dr. C. Winters, UK
    - Moderator Dr. S. Radosevic ;
    rapporteur Dr. J. Cassingena Harper
  • Quality control and Benchmarking
    What methods and techniques are available to assure high quality and relevance, what is the role of benchmarking?
    - Main statements: Dr. C. Koellreuter, Switzerland ;
    Prof. O. Renn, Germany Moderator M. Thomas; rapporteur Dr. G. Fuchs
16:00 Coffee break

3. Regional Foresight in Action, and its links to the European level

  • * Moderator A. Bougas, HoU Evaluation, DG REGIO
  • * Report of the High Level Expert Group "Developing Foresight to strengthen the Strategic Basis of the European Research Area"
    - Prof.L. van Langenhove, Chairman, Director UN/CRIS, Belgium ( - 108 KB)
  • Result from the work of the High Level Expert Group "Mobilising the Potential of Regional Foresight Actors for an Enlarged EU"
    Meirion Thomas, Cardiff Business Technology Centre, Wales
  • Synthesis of Strata projects relating to Foresight and regional development (FOREN, FOMOFO, EFORESEE, FORETECH, TAMI, ITSAFE) and introduction to Regional TF country guides
    - Dr. G. Clar, DG RTD K1 ( - 173 KB)

Introduction to Poster Session

-Prof. O. Renn

Discussions in poster area with presenters all day

Poster Session:
Partners and organisers of regional foresight or related activities present the results of their involvement & networking with the aim of developing new networks and actions with the conference participants

20:00 Reception (Metropole Hotel, Place de Brouckère 31)
20:30 Dinner (Metropole Hotel, Place de Brouckère 31)

Wednesday, 25/09/2002


4. The contribution of Foresight to regional development and economic growth. A special focus on Candidate and Cohesion Countries

Moderator: Prof. L. Nyiri, Hungary
  • The role of Foresight in Candidate Countries and for an Enlarged EU
    A. Quirke, DG ENTR. ( - 151 KB); Dr. S. Radosevic, UK
  • Foresight in Cohesion Countries - past, present and future
    Prof. L. Tsipouri, Greece ( - 514 KB)
General discussion
10:00 Coffee break

5. Future Opportunities for Europe: Networking Foresight type initiatives in the European Research Area, and integrating Foresight in other activities of related policy domains (objective: to inform the participants about opportunities that EC funding instruments offer for supporting their co-operation activities)

Moderator: M. Thomas
  • Opportunities in FP6: an overview
    - Dr. P. Caracostas, HoU DG RTD-K;
    - Dimitri Corpakis, DG RTD ( - 267 KB)
  • Other opportunities for support to co-operating in the field of regional Foresight, innovation and development
    - M. Landabaso (DG REGIO) ; N. Pantalos(DG ENTR); M. Schieder (DG ELARG) ( - 133 KB)
Questions and answers
12:00 - 12:30

6. Towards enlarged and dynamic Networks of regional Foresight in Europe
(objective: to allow participants to develop ideas for future co-operation activities based on the discussions with the poster presenters, during the earlier parts of the conference, and on the presentations made by Commission officials in the previous session)

Introduction: First ideas and suggestions for new joint activities
Prof. O. Renn, M. Thomas


Lunch, with thematic discussion tables:
Towards enlarged and dynamic Networks of regional Foresight in Europe (continued)
Thematic discussion tables on, e.g. (to be defined):

  • Biotechnology, Information technologies
  • Methodology and benchmarking
  • Public participation and discourse, stakeholders' role
  • Foresight and consumers
  • Foresight in industry
  • Foresight and energy
  • others according to demand
15:00 Keynote address
  • The future role of the regions in an enlarged EU
    - Sir Albert Bore, President of the Committee of the Regions

7. From ideas to action: Networks to strengthen the ERA and facilitate EU Enlargement

(objective: concretise ideas further, create a reliable basis for developing concrete actions after the conference)
- Moderators: Prof. Renn, discussion table moderators, resource persons from different DGs

  • Summarising the ideas developed in previous sessions and exploring their potential
  • Allowing all participants to link up and broaden and enrich the emerging networks
  • Continuing work on new projects and initiatives: focus, organisational issues
  • Review of conference outcomes: Regional Foresight - insights from the past and looking ahead
16:15 Conference closure
Dr. Jean-François Marchipont (Director, DG RTD-K)
16:30 Adjourn