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Conference "Europe's Regions Shaping the Future - the Role of Foresight"
Brussels, 24-25 September 2002

Background and experts' papers

Papers by the STRATA - ETAN Expert Group on "Mobilising the regional foresight potential for an enlarged European Union":

Issues papers


Title / Download

Overview of regional foresight

1. Michael Keenan & Elvira Uyarra
PREST, University of Manchester, UK
Why Regional Foresight? ( - 150 KB)
An Overview of Theory and Practice
2. M.Keenan PREST, University of Manchester, UK; S. Marvin, SURF, UK; & C. Winters, Coventry University, UK

United Kingdom Country Report

Foresight & socio-economic policy development

3. Philip Cooke
Centre for Advanced Studies, Cardiff University, UK & Bruna De Marchi, ISIG Gorizia, Italy
Generative Growth, Knowledge Economies and Sustainable Development: Implications for Regional Foresight Policy ( - 113 KB)
4. Pirjo Stahle,
Department of Business Administration, Finland
Self-generative Capability of Regional Foresight and Innovation Activities ( - 115 KB)

Foresight & other policy objectives

5. Bruna de Marchi,
ISIG, Institute of International Sociology, Gorizia, Italy
Problems of governance, sustainability and unity in an enlarged EU ( - 125 KB)

Regional decision making in multi-level governance structures

6. Joyce Tait & Catherine Lyall
Scottish Universities Policy Research and Advice Network (SUPRA), University of Edinburgh, High School Yards, Edinburgh, UK
Foresight in a Multi-level Governance Structure: Policy Integration and Communication ( - 158 KB)
7. Meric Gertler & David Wolfe,
Program on Globalization and Regional Innovation Systems (PROGRIS), Centre for International Studies University of Toronto, Canada
Local Social Knowledge Management: Community Actors, Institutions and Multilevel Governance in Regional Foresight Exercises ( - 134 KB)

Foresight as a factor for cohesion & candidate countries

8. Slavo Radosevic
School of Slavonic and East European Studies University, College London, UK
Regional Policy, National and Regional Foresight in Central and East European Candidate Countries
9. Lajos Nyiri
ZINNIA Group, Budapest, Hungary
How to turn "Mobilising Regional Foresight Potential" into a structural contribution to European Integration. Lessons to be learnt from a comparative study of national foresight activities in accession countries ( - 147 KB)
10. Lena Tsipouri
University of Athens, Centre of Financial Studies, Greece
Regional Foresight in the Cohesion Countries: Experiences, concepts and lessons learned
11. Jennifer Cassingena Harper
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Relevance of EU Regional Foresight Experiences for Small Candidate Countries

Horizontal papers



Initiating & developing regional Foresight in different circumstances

12. Simon Marvin
SURF Centre, UK
Mobilising Regional Foresight : Listening to (and Learning from) Policy Communities
13. Agnes Pechmann
Center of Technology Assessment in Baden-Wuerttemberg
Evaluation of participants' benefits in a Regional Foresight study, the Four Motors Foresight Initiative
14. Pierre Bourgogne
Regional Council of Lorraine, France
Regional Foresights and RIS Processes. The study of two French regions: Lorraine and Auvergne ( - 108 KB)
15. Michael Guth
ZENIT GmbH, Germany
Strategic improvement of regional RTDI policy and regional development policy through a systematic use of foresight methods: The case of Nordrhein-Westfalen

Effectiveness & efficiency in regional Foresight

16. Clive Winters
Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, United Kingdom
Methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Regional Foresight activities ( - 130 KB)

Alternative methods and processes for regional Foresight

17. Ian Miles
CRIC, University of Manchester, UK
Appraisal of Alternative Methods and Procedures for Producing Regional Foresight ( - 220 KB)

Regional benchmarking as a tool to improve regional Foresight

18. Christoph Koellreuter
BAK Basel Economics Ltd, Switzerland
Regional Benchmarking as a tool to improve Regional Foresight