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Country Specific Practical Guides to Regional Foresight

The country specific practical guides to regional foresight are destined for those contemplating, or already undertaking, foresight at a regional level. They are handbooks, which can be used both by practitioners and regional decision-makers. The country adaptations provide examples to further clarify the aims, concepts, methods, as well as potential sponsors and participants of regional foresight.

Austria ( 14.1 MB)

Belgium   ( 3.9 MB)   ( 3 MB)

Denmark ( 1.8 MB)

Finland ( 2 MB)

France ( 3 MB)

Germany ( 4.3 MB)

Greece ( 2.7 MB)

Ireland ( 4.8 MB)

Italy ( 1.5 MB)

Netherlands ( 1.9 MB)

Portugal ( 2.8 MB)

Spain ( 1.4 MB)

Sweden ( 1.6 MB)

United Kingdom ( 3.5 MB)

A limited stock of paper copies is still available. If you need this for your work, please send a message with a short explanation to Patrick Lages-Carvalho with "CGRF" + country in the Subject of your message.