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Issue 9, 2nd semester 2005

Foresighting Europe Newsletter


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Shared visions, common research futures


Recent publications

  • Deliberating Foresight knowledge for policy and foresight knowledge assessment (EUR 21957);
  • Creative system disruption towards a research strategy beyond Lisbon, a report from the expert group ‘Key technologies for the future’ (EUR 26968);
  • Converging Technologies: Shaping the Future of European Societies, a report from the High Level Expert Group ‘Foresighting the New Technology Wave’ (EUR 21357);
  • Foresight and the transition to regional knowledge based economies, a synthesis report of the expert group ‘Blueprint for Foresight actions in the regions’ (EUR 21262);
  • Policy orientation report of the expert group “Blueprint for foresight actions in the regions” (EUR 21355);
  • Future of Creative Industries: implications for Research Policy, working paper (EUR 21471);
  • Measures to improve Higher Education/Research Relations in order to strengthen the strategic basis of the ERA (EUR 20905);

The full list of publications can also be downloaded from the address:

  • “Deliberating Foresight knowledge for policy and foresight knowledge assessment”, to be published in the series foresight working papers (EUR 21957, November 2005)

This working paper[1] gives an overview of the way foresight knowledge concerning scientific and technological developments is deliberated in policy. It offers also an approach to assess the quality of foresight knowledge. The paper makes a case for deliberative procedures in the science policy interface in order to ensure an adequately balanced knowledge input. Foresight knowledge is illustrated in the document on issues of sustainable development.

  • “Creative system disruption towards a Research strategy beyond Lisbon”, the final report of the expert group “Key technologies for Europe” (EUR 21968, November 2005)

See Key Technologies - The Expert Group

[1] written by René von Schomberg, Ângela Guimarães Pereira and Silvio Funtowicz