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Issue 8, 2nd quarter 2005

Foresighting Europe Newsletter


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Shared visions, common research futures

Forthcoming Foresight event

International Foresight Conference: “Key Technologies for Europe”, 19-20 September 2005, Brussels, Belgium

Preparations are already well underway for an important Commission-hosted conference in September which seeks to chart a course forward for the Key Technologies that will help nourish European economic growth for years to come.

For the past six months the European Commission (DG Research, the “Science and technology foresight unit”) has been supporting an Expert Group who is looking at the issues of Key Technologies for Europe (horizon 2015/2020).

The “Key Technologies” Expert Group has approached the future of several key technologies which are all crucial for Europe’s future. These research and technology fields are: Biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technologies, communication technologies, transport technologies, energy technologies, environmental research, social sciences and humanities, manufacturing and materials technologies, health research, agricultural research, cognitive sciences, safety technologies, complexity research and systemics, research in the services sector.

The group has looked at the issues through European perspectives, and has been guided by a framework driven by the possible opportunities and threats of each technology for a European leading position (referring to the Lisbon Agenda). The expert’s report on each of the Key research or technology domains will be made available on the Foresight unit’s Web site (see below). The final report is expected in the late summer and will be posted on this site as well.

The Conference during which the report will be debated will be opened by M. J. Potočnik, Commissioner responsible for Research. The output of the conference will be a summary of the contributions and the debate and a short policy document will be prepared and disseminated widely.

The draft synthesis report will be sent out in advance to the participants and comments are expected in advance of the debate planned at the event.

In order to receive more information, to receive the final report or to attend the event, please contact the Foresight unit for a registration form by August 31st 2005 at the latest. See also the Foresight unit’s website