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Issue 7, 1st quarter 2005

Foresighting Europe Newsletter


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Shared visions, common research futures

Recent publications

The publications produced by the two High Level Expert Groups on “Foresighting the New Technology Wave” and “Blueprints for Foresight Actions in the Regions” are now available.

-Converging Technologies: Shaping the Future of European Societies, a report from the High Level Expert Group “Foresighting the New Technology Wave” (EUR 21357);
-Converging technologies for a diverse Europe, conference report (EUR 21356);
-Synthesis report of the expert group “Blueprint for Foresight actions in the regions” (EUR 21262);
-Policy orientation report of the expert group “Blueprint for Foresight actions in the regions” (EUR 21355);
-FOR-RIS Blueprint: Experiences and ideas for developing Foresight in a regional innovation strategy context (RIS/RITTS) (EUR 21260);
-UPGRADE Blueprint: Foresight strategy and actions to assist regions of traditional industry towards a more knowledge based community (EUR 21261);
-TECHTRANS Blueprint : Trans-regional integration and harmonisation of technology support mechanisms (EUR 21257);
-TRANSVISION Blueprint : Bridging historically and culturally close neighbouring regions separated by national borders (EUR 21258);
-AGRIBLUE Blueprint Sustainable Territorial Development of the Rural Areas of Europe (EUR 21259).

Electronic versions can also be downloaded respectively from the adresses: