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Issue 7, 1st quarter 2005

Foresighting Europe Newsletter


You can contact the Science and Technology Foresight Unit :
Shared visions, common research futures

“Foresighting Europe” Newsletter

The newsletter «Foresighting Europe» is prepared by the Science and Technology Foresight Unit of DG Research, which fulfils within Directorate K “Social Sciences and Humanities; Foresight” the 3 following missions:
  1. to stimulate and promote co-operation in the field of Foresight in Europe.
  2. to monitor and exploit Foresight knowledge produced in Europe and elsewhere in order to inform European research policy developments.
  3. to implement the actions relevant to S&T Foresight under the “Support for the coherent development of S&T policies” of the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and to manage the STRATA (Strategic Analysis of Specific Political Issues) activity under the Improving the Human Potential specific programme of the 5th Framework Programme.
In fulfilling these missions, the DG RTD K2 unit works closely with the JRC/IPTS, as well as the national and international foresight institutions.
It also promotes results dissemination and experience sharing on the basis of the activities that have been carried out.

You can contact the Science and Technology Foresight Unit :