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Upcoming events

NanoDiode working conference : Opening up Research and Innovation to Society - Join the debate !

31 May 2016, Brussels

Join the debate on stakeholder engagement in European research and innovation. Policy makers, researchers, representatives from industry and civil society organisations will explore how to engage societal stakeholders and open up research and innovation to broader societal considerations.

- Find out about the latest insights from European research into the role of societal stakeholders.
- Learn how to organise stakeholder engagement in your own work during the knowledge fair.
- Discuss the future role of societal stakeholders of European research and innovation.

The working conference builds on the findings of the European project #NanoDiode: from July 2013 to June 2016, NanoDiode has organised a range of engagement activities across Europe, involving stakeholders in a dialogue on the funding, performance and outcomes of nanotechnologies research.

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Past events

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Africa Policy Conference

23-24 May 2016, Ghana Center for Democratic Development

As one of its main channels for dissemination and uptake, CDD-Ghana is organizing a policy conference in Accra, Ghana to disseminate findings to key policymakers and other stakeholders.

The conference scheduled for May 23-24 in Accra, will bring together policy makers and researchers from seventeen countries four continents - Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe - to share their respective research findings, experiences, policy recommendations and how it can impact on national policies aimed at reducing poverty. The conference therefore, has the objective of interacting and assisting policy makers, development partners and government agencies with evidence-based recommendations that can help shape policies and programs to halt poverty.

For participation and more information, please contact Regina Amanfo-Tetteh or Alberta Adams

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Philanthropy and Social Investments Fostering Research and Innovation (PhiSI)

21-22 April 2016, Amsterdam

Amsterdam will be the meeting place for foundations, innovative philanthropic and social investors, social entrepreneurs, research institutes, financial intermediaries, corporations, policy makers, and researchers on April 21/22.

This two-day conference is focused on key decision makers and representatives from the public, commercial and philanthropic sector. The event is part of the Horizon 2020 work programme Access to Risk Finance and is associated with the Netherlands EU Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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Identity Matters: enriching heritage to meet a new era

14-15 April 2016, Amsterdam

Borders blur. Disciplines merge. Barriers come down. The 21st century is a time of repositioning, and there is a key role to play for heritage. How do we (re)present ourselves, our public, our archives, our countries and our institutes?

This is the RICHES final conference, presenting the project results together with inspiring keynote speakers who will reflect and explore collaboratively future visions of heritage.

Participation will be central, with experience of inspiring examples first hand in the city of Amsterdam. Through urban safaris and visits to heritage sites, all conference participants will be able to see best practices in action, and policy recommendations will be delivered to support this.


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