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Conference on EU-US relations "Mapping the Future of the EU-US Strategic Partnership: Policy and Research Perspectives"
Organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Spanish EU Presidency

25-26 January 2010, Brussels,
European Commission, Berlaymont Building, rue de la Loi 200

The relations between the European Union and the USA have been a vital component of the foreign policies of both partners and have played a key role in shaping global developments. Heightened cooperation as well as instances of tension and competition have characterised this close relationship, and now both partners are facing great change in their domestic and international environments.

Are such relations still important and strategic in a changing and increasingly multipolar -or even interpolar world?

How do the EU and the US deal with each other's expectations, values and interests in addressing issues such as sustainable recovery from the financial crisis, climate change, and the protection of fundamental rights while ensuring security?

How do they see and interact with other countries and actors in the European neighbourhood as well as in other regions of the World and in institutions responsible for international law and global governance issues?

What are the prospects for the upcoming years?

These are among the questions that were addressed by this conference, which was intended to provide a forum for dialogue between research and policy across the Atlantic in a time where the European Union is defining its new roles and modes of operation following the entry into force of the Lisbon treaty and President Obama's Administration entered its second year facing complex and difficult choices and challenges.

EU-US relations were previously addressed at the workshop on "The EU and the US in a changing multipolar system: Transatlantic convergences and divergences" held on 27 April 2009, in Brussels see

  • Programme:
  • Conference proceedings "Mapping the future of the EU-US partnership: Policy and research perspectives" 25-26 January 2010. Eds: Erik Jones & Angela Liberatore; EUR 24308, ISBN 978-92-79-15357-0, doi: 10.2777/16565, 88 pp (1.82MB)
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