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JUSTIS project Steering Group meeting "Scientific indicators of confidence in justice: tools for policy assessment"

9 September 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The FP7 project JUSTIS (Justice Indicators) is organizing its Steering Group meeting in Ljubljana, on the occasion of the IXth Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, dedicated to "Criminology and crime policy between human rights and effective crime control".

Starting from the consideration that limited progress has been made on social indicators in criminal justice and that they are crucial in order to adopt realistic and effective crime policies, the project aims at providing EU institutions and Member States with new indicators for assessing public trust in justice. For this aim, it will develop and pilot survey-based indicators of public trust in justice but it will also build some consensus across Member States about the importance of assessing crime policy against criteria of public confidence.

  • Programme of the JUSTIS steering committee: (188KB)
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  • Programme of the conference : (217KB)
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