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Seminar "The World in 2025 - Conclusions from the European Foresight Expert Group"

Presentations of the speakers

  • José Manuel Silva Rodríguez: Introduction [385KB]
  • Gijs Beets: Demographic and Urbanisation Trends [658KB]
  • Lionel Fontagné: Macro-Economic Projections and the Role of Asia [471KB]
  • João Caraça: Science, Education and Culture [272KB]
  • Uno Svedin: Scarcity of Natural Resources and Vulnerability of the Planet [3.97MB]
  • Luc Soete: The New Production Consumption Patterns (Malthus' Revenge) [452KB]
  • Thierry Gaudin: The "Wild Cards" [2.81MB]
  • Anneli Pauli: Transitions [203KB]
  • Nicole Gnesotto: A multipolar world
  • Joséphine Green: The Socio-ecological Transition [1.10MB]
  • Jennifer Cassingena Harper: Beyond Technological Innovation
  • Vasco Cal: A European perspective on Forward looking studies [166KB]
  • Pierre Valette: Forward looking activities in the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities programme [1.02MB]
  • Jean-Michel Baer: Conclusions [259KB]

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