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EDC 2020 project (FP7) organises a workshop on "European Development Co-operation to 2020: Can Europe meet climate change challenges for European development co-operation?

22/04/2009, Brussels, Residence Palace, Maalbeek Room, 10h30-16h30

Two key challenges face European countries in their efforts to support developing countries respond to climate change. First, is the issue of how to raise and provide the necessary finance for such actions; and second, how to ensure coordination, complementarity and coherence between different Member States’ efforts and different departments, i.e. environment and development. Overcoming these interlinked issues is crucial to laying the foundations for a future climate change regime that is effective and sustainable in the long run. It is part of a series of activities on this theme and the outcomes will help to shape further dialogue and research on these issues over the next two years.

This workshop will focus on these issues within the context of the European development co-operation and climate change policy processes.