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UWT project organises its final conference on "The pathways and experiences of undocumented migrants"

4/2/2009, London Metropolitan University, Graduate Centre, North Campus

This conference will report on the main findings of the "Undocumented Worker Transitions" (UWT) project' which was funded by the 6th Research Framework programme (Scientific Support to Policies Call).
The project focused on the pathways and experiences of undocumented migrants in seven European Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the UK. To deepen understanding of undocumented migration in Europe, the project has examined the reasons why migrants seek work in Europe without proper authorisation; their working conditions and experiences; the various ways in which legally working and residing migrants can fall into irregularity; the ways in which undocumented or irregular migrant workers may gain legal status in relation to living and working in Europe; the continued demand for irregular migrant labour, and its impact on labour markets.


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