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Towards Inclusive Employment and Welfare Systems: Challenges for a Social Europe

9-10 October 2014, Berlin

In October 2014, six FP7 research projects - COPE, FLOWS, IMPROVE, INSPIRES, LOCALISE and WILCO - are organizing a conference to explore current social trends in Europe as well as the effect of social investment or active inclusion-oriented policies - where they exist - on patterns of social inclusion and exclusion.

The Inclusive Europe Conference offers six thematic workshops intended as a platform for in-depth discussions and joint publication opportunities as well as for encouraging the development of joint perspectives:

  1. The changing role of non-public actors in active inclusion policies
    CHAIRS: Håkan Johansson, Lund University & Franca Maino, University of Milan (COPE)
  2. The local governance of integrated social and employment policies
    CHAIRS: Martin Heidenreich, Deborah Rice & Katharina Zimmermann, University of Oldenburg (LOCALISE)
  3. Social innovation and urban governance
    CHAIR: Taco Brandsen, Radboud University Nijmegen (WILCO)
  4. Policy learning for inclusive and resilient labour markets
    CHAIR: Menno Fenger, Erasmus University Rotterdam (INSPIRES)
  5. The impact of social investment on gender parity and social cohesion
    CHAIR: Per Jensen, Aalborg University (FLOWS)
  6. Which social policy paradigm for the 21st century?
    CHAIRS: Bea Cantillon & Tim Goedemé, University of Antwerp (IMPROVE)

The conference is open to all researchers in the fields of comparative social policy, social inclusion, welfare governance and other areas of research related to the theme of the conference. A call for papers has been opened and interested researchers should send their abstracts by the 31st March.