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How to strengthen EU - NCs relationships: Final SEARCH Academic Conference

Barcelona, 10-11 February 2014

The SEARCH consortium is exploring the integration process between the EU and its Neighbourhood Countries (which include non-EU states in Eastern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa).
Representatives of the SEARCH consortium and external academics will present their findings at the Conference, highlighting the issues related with the following topics:

  • Trade flows, FDI and location choices.
  • Migration, human capital and social capital.
  • Technological activities and innovation diffusion in the EU and interactions with Neighbouring regions.
  • Social, cultural and institutional environment.

Bringing together 17 partners from a variety of countries, SEARCH is working to improve implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy. While paying special attention to the cohesive potential of the European Research Neighbourhood, the project is mainly aimed at ‘strengthening the integration process between the EU and the Neighbouring Countries’.

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