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Sustainable urban dynamics

28 March 2013, Rome, Italy

The views expressed in the following abstracts are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

Any citation of the content of these abstracts should only take place with the prior agreement of the authors. The sources of all such citations should be correctly referenced.

Speakers presentations

  • Natalia Morazzo: Sustainable Urban Dynamics (1.53MB)

  • Domenico Rossetti: Sustainable Urban Dynamics (167KB)

  • Margit Noll: JPI Urban Europe (510KB)

  • P.Clerici Maestosi: Sustainable Urban Dynamics (227KB)

  • Julien Dijol: Innovative spatial and urban planning and design (455KB)

  • Isabel André: Social cohesion in EU cities (250KB)

  • Stefan P. Schleicher: Economics of urban and peri-urban areas (616KB)

  • P.Bevan: Europe 2020 (975KB)

  • Dieter Rink: Environmental Urban Governance (663KB)

  • Cristina Garzillo: The promotion of sustainable and inclusive environments through innovative spatial and urban planning and design

  • Panos Mantziaras: European Cities as Hubs of Creativity and Innovation (1.06MB)

  • Sako Musterd: European cities as hubs of creativity and innovation (453KB)

  • Carlo Sessa: Medium and long-term pathways of urban development (743KB)

  • Iván Tosics: Some additional ideas to the medium and long-term pathways of urban development (3.14MB)