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Accept PLURALISM Conference “Visions of (In)Tolerance in Europe today”

24-25 January 2013, Lyon, France

The conference “VISIONS OF (IN)TOLERANCE IN EUROPE TODAY” organized within the framework of the project ACCEPT PLURALISM – Tolerance,Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe will take place on 24-25 January 2013 in Maison des Passages, Lyon, France. The conference is organised by the European Cultural Network Banlieuesd’Europe and funded bythe European Commission, DG Research, Seventh Framework Programme, Social Sciences and Humanities.

ACCEPT PLURALISM is about toleration and acceptance of ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in contemporary Europe. The aim of the conference is to present the main findings of the research undertaken across Europe in relation to tolerance and intolerance practices in school and in political life.

This Conference provides the opportunityfor 15researchersfromdifferent European countries and disciplinary backgrounds(from the ACCEPT PLURALISMconsortium) to interact and exchange of views with stakeholders such as civil society organisations, policy-makers, experts and ordinary citizens attending the conference as moderators, discussants, rapporteurs or simple participants.

The conference starts with two Plenary Sessions and then develops into three parallel thematic workshops. Rapporteurs external to the ACCEPT PLURALISM project will present in the third plenary session the main points of discussion in each workshop and the conclusions reached.