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Challenges for Europe in the World by 2030, AUGUR final conference

24 January 2013, University Foundation,
11 Rue d’Egmont, Brussels - Belgium

The final results of the European foresight research project AUGUR have been presented and discussed by more than 100 renowned academics and policy-makers in Brussels on 24 January 2013.

The main issues tackled during the conference concerned “Global Governance”, “Finance and trade”, “Social and environmental sustainability”, “Well-being and welfare”.

Four scenarios have been described at global-level (Reduced government, US-China accommodation, Regionalisation, Multipolar cooperation) and for Europe (Struggling on, EU break up, Multi-speed Europe, Towards federal Europe) up to 2030. Covering a wide range of policy areas, the AUGUR scenarios have also been quantified.

The academic presentations were commented by national and EU policy-makers (House of Lords, BEPA, EEAS, DG RTD) as well as by world and EU stakeholders (World Bank, ETUC, Madariaga foundation).