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Future of Cultural Heritage, Brussels EFP workshop

18 December 2012, Brussels - Belgium

This participatory foresight workshop organized by the European Foresight Platform EFP aimed at discussing and anticipating the potential impact of emerging trends and developments on the creation, management, preservation, promotion, use and funding of cultural heritage. The discussion was structured around the STEEP framework, i.e. Society, Technology, Economy, Ecology and Policy. The European participants covered a large spectrum of knowledge including in Cultural Heritage, Foresight, EU Research, International and National experiences (JPI).

  • Programme: (543KB)
  • List of participants: (175KB)
  • Slide presentations:
    1. Welcome (402KB)
    2. Domenico ROSSETTI: European Forward Looking Activities (445KB)
    3. Dirk VAN DELFT: Heritage, web and the real thing (4.92MB)
    4. Riel MILLER: Future of cultural heritage: Impact of external developments (2MB)
    5. Annelieke VAN DER GIESSEN and Wietske KOERS: View on Trends and Developments (1.02MB)
  • Draft EFP report on the Future of Cultural Heritage: (770KB)
  • Contact: Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero and Annelieke van der Giessen