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ASSPRO CEE 2007 final conference: Equity and efficiency effects of out-of-pocket payments in Europe

03-04 December 2012, Vilnius - Lithuania

This conference presents the key findings of project ASSPRO CEE 2007 (funded by the European Commission under FP7 Social-Sciences and Humanities theme). The project addresses the need of new, improved and more appropriate indicators for the evaluation of patient payment policies.

The research activities within the project are specifically focused on the equity and efficiency effects of out-of-pocket patient payments in Central and Eastern European countries. There is a concern that official patient charges in this region impose a double financial burden to consumers since they are implemented in a context of persistent informal payments.

Are patients able to cope with new or increased formal charges? Taking this question as a perspective, the conference presents evidence on the affordability of health care in Central and Eastern Europe, and the future challenges related to the introduction or increase of patient charges. In addition, the conference invites broader discussions on the role and effects of patient charges in Europe.