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SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 European Social Platform

26-27 November 2012, Brussels - Belgium

The views expressed in the following presentations are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

Any citation of the content of these presentations should only take place with the prior agreement of the authors. The sources of all such citations should be correctly referenced.

Speakers presentations:

  • Cheryl Hicks: Catalyzing Action: EU Sustainable Lifestyles Roadmap & Action Plan 2012-2050 (3.69MB)
  • Domenico ROSSETTI di VALDALBERO: EU Sustainable Lifestyles Roadmap and Action Plan to 2050 (3.66MB)
  • Carina Törnblom: EU consumer policy and sustainable lifestyles (2.13MB)
  • Oksana Mont: Current lifestyle impacts (2.22MB)
  • Michael Lettenmeier: What is a sustainable lifestyle in the EU? (9.34MB)
  • Leida Rijnhout: EU Sustainable Lifestyles Roadmap and Action Plan 2050 (5.41MB)
  • Aleksi Neuvonen: Interactive presentation of four visualized future scenarios of sustainable societies (2.49MB)

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