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Visions of Sustainable Economic Growth: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Energy, Water, and Innovation

11 September 2012, Washington - US
Wilson Center, Washington DC.

Forty high-level policy-makers and academics participated at the concluding meeting of this 2010-2012 dialogue between the EU and US on Science, Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Economic Growth.

The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, the European Commission, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars organized this EU-US Summit, which has been sponsored by the US National Science Foundation, the American Department of Energy, and the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation).

The purpose of the Summit has been to examine the critical impacts of investments in science, technology, and innovation on sustainable economic growth.
The opening meeting of the Summit was convened in Washington DC on 28 September 2010 ( It discussed how past linkages between science, technology and education investments have impacted job creation, employment and economic growth focusing on energy and the environment.

The opening meeting of the Summit was followed by three workshops held in 2011:

  • on energy at the Howard Baker Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville;
  • on the critical link between energy and water at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC;
  • on energy security at the Paris School of International Affairs in Paris, France.

The EU conference took place at the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) in Brussels, Belgium on 29 September 2011 ( Structured into two sessions: "Visions of post carbon world" and "Transition challenges", this conference covered socio-economic, scientific and technological aspects within a forward-looking perspective.

The reports on EU-US Summit on Science, Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Economic Growth (2010-2012) are presented below:

  1. Summit’s Opening Plenary Session – 28 September 2010 ( 1MB)
  2. Science, Energy, and Sustainable Economic Growth – 30 March, 01 April and 09 September 2011 ( 1.78MB)
  3. Energy, Water and Innovations: A Critical Nexus for Sustainable Economic Growth – 07-08 September 2011 ( 3.11MB)
  4. Visions of Sustainable Economic Growth: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Energy, Water and Innovation” - 11 September 2012 ( 2.13MB)
  5. Final Report 2010-2012 ( 2.68MB)

EU-US Summit, Brussels conference on “Post Carbon Transitions, Visions and Challenges” – 29 September 2011